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IWBBIO 2014 Meeting in Granada



IWBBIO 2014 Meeting in Granada

Non-coding (nc)RNAs are emerging as some of the most versatile and important biological molecules in the cell. They can act both in cis and in trans to mediate functions as diverse as catalysis, metabolite sensing, regulation of gene expression, epigenetics, chromatin stability, splicing, and more. The explosion of RNA sequences generated by next-gen sequencing and accumulating in various databases represents a massive, and relatively un-explored, “New World” of ncRNAs. The identification of novel ncRNAs from these data is a crucial, but challenging, problem for bioinformatics. Many ncRNAs require that they fold into thermodynamically stable RNA structures to carry out their functions. If these functions are evolutionarily conserved, then structures may also be conserved between related sequences. Thus, identifying thermodynamically stable and conserved RNA structures from sequence data can help identify putative ncRNAs. This session will cover various approaches for modeling RNA structures using thermodynamics, biochemistry, and sequence comparison, identifying homologous RNA sequences/structures, and using these methods to suggest which sequences have likely non-coding functions. This session will also cover the application of these methods to identify ncRNAs in target species. 


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