IMG_2795My research interests are in identifying and characterizing functional RNA structures, understanding the role of structure in RNA biology, and in organizing and making accessible RNA structural information to researchers and the public. I am particularly interested in RNA structures involved in pathogenic viral infections. I approach this subject using a multidisciplinary approach that combines bioinformatics, biochemical structure probing, high-throughput RNA-Seq, and molecular biology to proceed from sequence to structure to function.

In my current position as a post-doctoral associate in the lab of Prof. Joan A. Steitz (Yale University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute) I am working on discovering functional non-coding RNAs in the oncogenic Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and deciphering their structure/function relationships. A better understanding of the roles of RNA and RNA structure in EBV will shed light on the roles of this virus in diseases such as cancer and may lead to treatments for EBV-related diseases that target RNA structure.

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